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Unique System

How will a police officer or emergency personnel obtain a child's identification and emergency medical information in the event of a missing child or medical emergency?

Old fashioned Child ID cards simply do not have enough room to store all of the necessary details and cannot hold a digital image for sharing with the public.

A KID SAFE Child IDâ„¢ makes personal identification and emergency information available using today's technology, storing information on a compact digital memory card. It provides instant access to critical information from any computer allowing key information and pictures to be shared in the unfortunate event of a missing child or medical emergency.

The convenient credit card sized device can be easily stored in a parents purse or wallet and plugged into the USB drive on any computer to access the information. Parents can also easily print a copy of their child's information stored on the digital memory card.

Our unique memory device and custom designed data entry form allows you or parents to quickly and easily enter a complete set of child identification information, emergency medical information and other convenient information. You can also easily attach digital pictures.

We provide complete instructions to make the process of creating new ids and performing updates quick and easy. All you need is a computer with Microsoft Word and a USB drive. Parents can easily enter the information about their child or you can set it up for them and offer a convenient annual subscription service where you send our a reminder and perform updates throughout the year.  By offering an annual subscription option, you will help keep a child's identification information up to date while generating repeat business and excellent profits.

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